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I’ve been reading the Aubrey-Maturin Series by Patrick O’Brian (I’m 3 books in now!) and I wanted to try designing a Jack Aubrey - the most sanguine captain.

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A number of people have informed me that my hiatus post is being used to promote my blog and so is being broadcast all over tumblr… so I made this thing to put a stop to that.  

A number of people have informed me that my hiatus post is being used to promote my blog and so is being broadcast all over tumblr… so I made this thing to put a stop to that.  

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I’m getting a lot of messages asking where I am. I don’t want people to worry so I’m just going to make this update.

A number of bad things happened in my life in very quick succession. I was put back in contact with a person I’ve been trying to escape for years. I also believe that person is aware of this blog, which I have regarded as a relatively safe space. The thought of this person looking at my work and knowing what I’m doing and where to contact me makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable and unsafe, to the point that I do not want to post my work here or check my email. I haven’t opened my email since I learned about this and I’m very sorry to anyone who has emailed me, I know that I have been very unprofessional.

I haven’t been in the best state of mental health this year due to a number of things including my living situation and all of these events going on all at once was too overwhelming. I don’t want to whine or give away too much but I can’t really downplay how bad things have gotten, especially since just last year I was on a path toward healing and moving on and being just… a reasonably healthy person. I’ve lost an immense amount of progress.

I’m essentially on a personal hiatus until I can get myself together again in therapy. Please forgive me if you’ve contacted me and not received a reply, I am very sorry. Thank you all for your continued support of my work!

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Anonymous asked: how do you feel about people trying to replicate your art style?


I get certain questions a lot that I don’t know how to answer and this is one of them.  But I guess I should address it because people are really concerned about it lately!

I never ever thought that I would develop any way of drawing that was distinctive enough to be immediately recognizable and that people would want to copy, and I NEVER thought I’d have enough people following my work that I would be randomly finding art that is heavily inspired by me.  It’s weird.  It’s weird for me to see as an artist… it’s like someone doing an impression of you and you’re like “Am I REALLY like that??” it helps me analyze what I’m doing and maybe cut back on certain things or play up others.  

And there’s that little spark of “stop copying me that’s MINE”, but it really is tiny.  I dunno, I’ve been inspired by different people over the years, we all do stuff like that.  And no other artist could ever really be ME just by looking at and replicating shapes and marks… their thought process and method of problem solving is totally different!  

Also I have this immediate feeling of “oh god don’t copy me I’m nowhere near the level of any artist you should be examining and copying”

So… there you go.  Those are my feelings.

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davidsaracino asked: freaking love your stuff. Great exaggeration and playing with scale. Keep it up!


Oh man, I left this in my ask box for an entire month… thank you so much, this means a lot!  I love your work!

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Hey everyone!  Apparently I got on the radar?

Wow!!  So cool, I’m so grateful!  

Sorry about the lack of… everything recently.  I’m getting ready to graduate in a week and I’m super scatterbrained.  Thanks for the support, you are all wonderful and special.

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I also want to thank everyone deeply and sincerely for the interest in my vampire mom comic.  I’ve never had anything original of mine get that much attention!  

I don’t know what else I can even say, I’m just really flattered about this!!

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I’ve returned to the sketchbook…. the physical realm…..

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If you can’t read, just right click + open in new tab to see it larger!

I finished this weeks ago for a comics anthology some cool people at my school put together.  Chris Kindred asked me to contribute something because he is super nice.

I definitely learned a lot from this project!  

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