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I also want to thank everyone deeply and sincerely for the interest in my vampire mom comic.  I’ve never had anything original of mine get that much attention!  

I don’t know what else I can even say, I’m just really flattered about this!!

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I’ve returned to the sketchbook…. the physical realm…..

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If you can’t read, just right click + open in new tab to see it larger!

I finished this weeks ago for a comics anthology some cool people at my school put together.  Chris Kindred asked me to contribute something because he is super nice.

I definitely learned a lot from this project!  

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So I saw this movie for the second time and then…. I bought it.  And then I bought and read all of the books…. and then… well, this isn’t even half of all the fanart I’ve drawn….

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Drawings from the past month or so….. I’ve been really busy working on things I can’t show you right now so I hope sketches will tide you over!  

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mmmmmmmmmm, off-model simpson’s sketches *drooling noise*

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Anonymous asked: Did you know your equestria fan art got featured in someone's video? Its called "Thoughts on EQG trailer" just so you know I don't know if you approve of it some artists don't like their work in YouTube.


Uum… I guess it’s alright because it’s a 4 second video that just links to a private video.  So I don’t feel like its worth it to get upset about BUT


I really would prefer people ASK to use my art for that kind of stuff?  I have this problem with pony-related art specifically and I really prefer that you guys NOT repost my art on other sites or use it in your videos or whatever without asking.  

Just… putting that out there!

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Anonymous asked: Do you have speed painting videos?


nnno… I… I don’t really paint much.  sorry! 

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Anonymous asked: How do you make a character fun to draw?


hahaha well, what do you think is fun to draw??  When you look at something, what makes you feel like you are TOTALLY PUMPED to draw? And what kind of stuff would you have fun drawing over and over and over? I know that there is ONE THING that no one finds fun enough to draw over and over continuously and that is tiny ultra specific details (seriously).  So try to avoid that.  


THE PROUD FAMILY!!!!  (Bruce W. Smith - look him up if you dont know him, everything he touches is gold and I know you’ve MOST LIKELY seen things he’s worked on)

They’re all simple - no eensy details - and heavily based on shape… interesting, IRREGULAR shapes.  They’re just so fun to look at!  Bobby Proud has one of my favorite designs of the whole show

He’s all mouth and teeth which REALLY speaks to who he is as a character.  Kinda loud and obnoxious.  But he’s also got that flamboyant little suit on and he slouches and wears slippers…. you just KNOW who Bobby is from one single image.  And watch how he’s animated!!!  Despite being so simple in shape, there’s so much dimensionality… ahhhhhhhhh!!!! perfect.

This show is perfect.  Watch the Proud Family to get inspired to draw and to learn how to design simple and beautiful characters that LOOK LIKE REAL PEOPLE

….. I hope that answers your question in some way??

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