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That’s for your copy/pasting pleasure. 

I know there’s been some interest so finally!! Commissions!!  All prices are in USD and I only accept paypal right now.  I HEAVILY prefer payment upfront but if you are super averse to that we can do a half before/half later thing.  If you have a specific deadline for your commission, don’t want it posted on my blog, or want to okay process work/sketches, please let me know!!! 

I’m not the fastest artist but I try my best to get things done quickly!  I am going to have five slots open (two are already taken at this moment) and then complete all five before announcing that commissions are open again.  

Slot 1 - filled

Slot 2 - filled

Slot 3 - filled

Slot 4 - filled

Slot 5 - filled

I’ll tell you which slot you are and update this post periodically so you can check how your commission is progressing! 

ONE LAST THING - I reserve the right to turn down commissions for any reason.

Okay!  Thanks everyone!  

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